cancer fighting plants

5 Plants that Fight Disease – Grow Your Own at Home!

Healthy foods can boost your health, boost your immune system and fight diseases including cancer! Here are 5 plants that you can easily grow at home, in your backyard garden or indoors with container gardening!  


Plants have known to have healing properties for diseases for ages! The ancient healers in China and India have known these traits of therapeutic plants and have been using them to treat diseases for decades. Recent studies also suggest that plants are able to boost our immune system, detox and revitalize our body and fight many diseases naturally.  Plants, without a doubt, have powerful anti-cancer properties, and they don’t have any damaging side-effects such as the ones associated with chemotherapy and drugs.

Top 5 Foods to Detox & Cleanse Your Lungs

Environmental or self pollution, there are many reasons why your lungs might get damaged. Our lungs are vital organs, and so we should keep our lungs clean and free from damages. In this post we will talk about some foods that will detox, cleanse and revitalize your lungs.

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