Grow Roots on Cuttings in as Little as 8 Weeks!

Cutting Globes are the easy-to-use shortcut to propagating new plants.

They are easily secured around the stem of a growing plant — then just watch for roots! Once roots fill the globe, the branch may be cut off and planted. You have a brand new plant with a substantial root system, to ensure it will thrive and fruit/ flower within the first season. This is unheard of with other methods of propagation!


Cutting Globes Grow Roots on Plant Cuttings

NEW Cutting Globes – Quickly Grow Roots on Plant Cuttings

Save Space

No need to take up precious room in your greenhouse — propagate new cuttings right on parent plants. No need to remove until the cutting is fully self-sufficient and ready to thrive in the ground or pot. Plants are always more vigorous with a greater root system.


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Cutting Globe Sizes

Cutting Globes – Small, Medium & Large


Simply remove some of the bark on the branch, apply Rooting Hormone and enclose in globe with dampened Moss Peat. Within 4-15 weeks, depending on type of plant and local growing conditions, roots will fill the globe. The plant can then be cut from the parent and planted.


How to Use Cutting Globes


Use them over and over for new plants!

Use them with friends or your garden club to swap free plants!


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Cutting Globe Growing Guide


Never put your cutting into the ground and hope for the best, again. You will see your roots right in the globe.


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