Good Agricultural Practices Can Help Farmers to Increase Profit

Environmentally sustainable practices of agriculture can be used as our dominant method of agriculture systems, which would match the growing demand for food and also minimize environmental impacts.  

Permaculture – Tips on Sustainable Organic Gardening

Permaculture is all about nurturing the nature while taking care of our needs. Organic gardening is not difficult; it can be very easy, and if done right it has many benefits. Here are some tips about permaculture and sustainable gardening.

An organic garden could be a great source of food right from your home. However, some people are often afraid to start an organic garden because it might seem like a lot of work. You need to dig your ground, prepare your soil, and grow your plants, while nurturing the place where you are gardening. This all may seem like hard work, but with a little practice and the right techniques, you will start to see the benefits. We are going to discuss some of the aspects of permaculture in this post.

Facts about Organic Food that You Didn’t Know

Do you like grocery shopping? Before you go and buy your groceries, find out from today’s food experts about how to make smart food choices.

Once upon a time all food was organic. Then the synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and GMOs started being used to increase profits in agriculture. Controversies started to grow around the world and the green movement was started.

Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna – Recipe

I have found that my children enjoy the taste of vegetables but don’t always like them in large chunks, as you’d often see in vegetable lasagna. In this recipe, I will show an additional method of making this family favourite while sneaking heaps of vegetables in.

Added Protein

I will also include an option, below, for packing it full of vegetable protein, for vegetarians, others who take part in Meatless Monday or those of us who like to mix in a few meatless dishes per week.

Or, you could certainly add meat to this recipe, as well.

Carbon Footprint

Easy Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint at Home

There are so many articles that teach us about basic energy and water conservation at home, which can reduce our expenditures and reduce our carbon footprint.

I won’t repeat all the great advice that there is out there, but share some extra steps that aren’t talked about that often.

We all have bad habits — some of which we don’t even realize. After thinking about my own household’s footprint over the course of a few days, I started to notice my own bad habits.

Tomatoes with self-watering system

Simple Ways of Growing Your Own Food at Home

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs right at home?

Well, you can, and you don’t need a large garden or any experience.

Growing food at home is easy, has so many health benefits and takes the guess work out of knowing the quality of your food. You can get a steady supply of fresh vegetables and herbs right at home and the best part is, you know exactly how they were grown.

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