Cash Crops That Make Money


Grow Cash Crops That Are In High Demand To Earn Extra Income


Not only are people increasingly looking into gardening to put food on the table and save money, but they are looking at growing cash crops to actually make more money.

That’s right! You can grow cash crops and boost your income!Fields For Cash Crops


Of course, you have to know what cash crops are because this group of foods doesn’t include all the common vegetables.


What are the important cash crops that you can grow?


It would sure be helpful to know, and then you can start turning your acreage into income. Farmers are having to focus so much on providing the staples that many of them just aren’t paying attention to specialty crops, such as gourmet mushrooms.


Crops That Make Money


When my sister became Garlica vegan, one of the first things she did was start paying attention to mushrooms she wouldn’t otherwise have eaten. Mushrooms are meat to vegans!


Lavender, garlic and bamboo.


Gourmet mushrooms aren’t the only cash crop that can have you raking in the dough. Lavender, garlic and bamboo are three others. That’s right, the crops you’re growing might be a little different, but people have uses for them.



How Much Can You Make?


Plus, you can make more money per acre with these types of crops if you know what to do with them. They are in high demand according to certain sources, and one source says that you could make 60,000 dollars an acre. How does that sound to you?
Crops that make us money!

If you have one acre of farmland at your disposal, you might just match your income for the year. How much do you make each year? Maybe you make more than 60,000, and that’s great.

However, you can still add more to your bottom line if you’re willing to grow and sell cash crops as part of your way of life. It can be hard work, but it can also be fun. What if you have enough acreage and enough time on your hands to completely replace your income. Hey, it would do us and the planet all some good if a greater majority of us went back to the basics and started farming.


In High Demand


That is why there is such high demand for farmers these days. It’s not just about specialty crops but also about regular crops. Maybe you already grow regular crops, but you’re having a hard time supporting your family. Maybe it’s time to shift a little towards specialty crops and farm them at the same time.


Did You Know?


Did you know that herbs are also cash crops? There are all different kinds of ways these herbs are packaged for cooking. They can be sold fresh, and they can also be sold in dry form. It’s up to you how you want to sell them and what works well in your area.

Growing crops for extra income.

You’re going to need a business head to get this venture off the ground. If you’re already farming, then that’s a good start. If you’re new to the game, grab all the resources you can find and start devising a plan to grow cash crops as part of securing your financial future.


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