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Saving the Green is delighted to have articles published in thousands of top press locations about our new partnership and the launch of our first product, the Cutting Globe.

The articles highlight our mission to make the planet better and our efforts to offer products and services which enhance lifestyle while promoting sustainability. Our focus isn’t solely on products that are sustainable in their design and materials, but ones that directly help to regenerate the planet, which this first product sets out to do.

Cutting Globes are poised to revolutionize plant propagation, through a 4,000-year-old method called air layering. With the old method of taking cuttings, only small cuttings are able to be rooted and the failure rate is high. With Cutting Globes, the roots are being formed while the branch is still attached to the growing plant, therefore tremendously reducing the rate of failure. Within 6-10 weeks, the branch can be removed, the new free plant may be planted and the Globe may be used again and again.

Cutting Globes are easy to attach and remove and use the same type of rooting hormone and soil as necessary with taking traditional cuttings. They also work with hydroponics by enclosing hydroponic solution-soaked medium in the Globe in place of soil.

Have a look at only a small selection of media outlets who printed articles:

Our co-founders Dr. Wayne Dorband, of Dorband and Associates, and Theresa Tierney, of The Tierney Group, share their enthusiasm for both the new partnership through Saving the Green and its ambitious plans but also the launch of Cutting Globes. They share a commitment to using the ecolonomic strategy and philosophy of the “sharing economy” which greatly reduces the cost and time involved in starting up a business which improves the environment.

Saving the Green has offices in both Colorado, USA as well as Galway, Ireland which position us well to understand and cater to customers internationally.

We look forward to many more mentions of our mission to improve the planet and announcements of more great products!


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Our Staff writers and Admins are very knowledgeable, dedicated to regenerative agriculture and our ethos of Growing, Eating and Living Better.

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