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Saving the Green is a socially conscious company with a passion for sharing exceptional ideas and products that help you to Grow Better, Eat Better and Live Better – all in a sustainable way!

We’re convinced that most of us want to be mindful of what we buy , how we eat and spend our time. If we just had more time… right?

We often feel that way, too! If we really think about what we do each day that makes us feel as good as eating a freshly-picked vegetable that we grew ourselves, there are very few activities that compare.

Grow a little or a lot; grow in a garden, on a balcony or on your windowsill – start somewhere! Read our articles right now for ideas!

When we begin to really think about what we’re eating, where it comes from and our own health, we could easily feel overwhelmed. There are always so many decisions to make– “am I doing the right thing?”

We at Saving the Green are on this journey, as well, and created this purpose-driven company to help find solutions for all of us. Join us!

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Our Misson

We are obsessed with sustainability… really, now, I mean obsessed. We are always thinking of how we can do things better; we tinker and we research. We believe that it is our responsibility to not only halt the damage that is being done to the planet, but to work together to help regenerate it.

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Our Blog

Devour our life hacks and sometimes unconventional tips for gardening triumphantly, eating regeneratively and living with a vitality that has no limits. You’ve got to see some of the genius inspirations people all over the world are using to solve common problems.

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Green Products

We get excited when we discover new products that not only perform well but also go one step further, by being conscious of sustainability. They may be recycled/ recyclable, made from sustainable raw materials and/or ethically sourced. Shop our products that will make you feel good about the products you use.

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Featured Blogs

7 Indoor Planting Ideas for City Dwelling Plant Lovers!

Plants help us in many ways.  In fact, it would be almost impossible for us to survive without plants.

You don’t need to live in the country to be a farmer and to grow plants. There are many ways to grow plants in a city, outdoors or in an indoor environment. Planting is an awesome way to bring the nature indoors. If you do not live in the countryside and wants to have nature in your home, it’s the best way. If you love plants and love gardening, don’t let the winter slow you down. Let’s get to it!

5 Plants that Fight Disease – Grow Your Own at Home!

Healthy foods can boost your health, boost your immune system and fight diseases including cancer! Here are 5 plants that you can easily grow at home, in your backyard garden or indoors with container gardening!  


Plants have known to have healing properties for diseases for ages! The ancient healers in China and India have known these traits of therapeutic plants and have been using them to treat diseases for decades. Recent studies also suggest that plants are able to boost our immune system, detox and revitalize our body and fight many diseases naturally.  Plants, without a doubt, have powerful anti-cancer properties, and they don’t have any damaging side-effects such as the ones associated with chemotherapy and drugs.

Featured Products

Cutting Globes are the NEW, easy and quick way to grow roots on plant cuttings. Take large branches, not small shoots, as cuttings and within 6-10 weeks, have a plant equivalent to a 4-year-old tree!

Simply attach a Globe to the branch of a growing plant and roots grow right inside. When the globe is full of roots, you cut the branch away and plant it. No more wondering if your cutting has taken root! Read more…

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